2016 Leaderboard

Big Eye               Yellowfin              Albacore 

             None                                        69# Bella Donna                         44.5# Persuasion

                           Yellowfin Stringer

                            55# Canyon Bound (18+18+19=55#)  1st Trip T(3 fish one trip)ype your paragraph here.

Tournament Rules & Regulations

Any Questions: David’s Cell 845-853-4967

Tournament Dates & Times:
Tournament starts September 1, 2016 at 5:00am and ends September 30, 2016.  Boats departing on Friday September 30, 2016 must be back to Star Island Yacht Club by 1:00pm Oct 1, 2016(not 5:00pm) on last day. 

Tournament Inlet
Boats may depart from Montauk Inlets.  Prior to leaving inlets all boats must sign a tournament fishing log at Star Island Yacht Club, kept at the counter.    All boats must return directly to Star Island Yacht Club to weigh fish.  There is only one official weigh station – Star Island Yacht Club.  Fish carted to weigh station will not count, back boat up to weigh station and weigh.  

Overnight Fishing
Boats may choose to fish one or two 38 hour overnight fishing trips.  

Weather Decision
There is no weather committee, Captains are responsible for reviewing all weather forecast and making weather related decisions. 

Weigh Station
The Official Tournament Weigh Station is located at Star Island Yacht Club.  Boats must be at weigh station by 7:00pm  Boats arriving at Star Island Weigh Station after 7:00pm, will be disqualified.  Only one fish of each species will count in each catagory except two additional Yellowfins for Stringer. If unable to determine, weigh master will weigh two fish of same species. All Captains must sign and verify the recorded weights.  If a boat wishes for a fish to be re-weighed, it must be done prior to leaving the scales.  Once a boat leaves the scales, fish cannot be re-weighed. No mutilated fish shall be eligible for competition.  A mutilated fish is defined as a damage to the fish that would impair the fighting ability of the fish. Fish may be retained by the Weigh Master for up to 24 hours.  If retention is refused, the fish will be disqualified. The Weigh Master and Tournament director reserves the right to cut open any weighed fish for inspection.  Again, if refused further inspection of the fish for species verification or insertion of weighed objects or water, fish will be disqualified.

Boats Requirements
Boats are required to have HMS Fishing Permits
Boats are required to have all Coast Guard offshore safety equipment based on their respective HMS permit. Greensticks are not permitted to be used during the Tournament. Greenstick equipped boats must tie sticks forward to the bow to visibly demonstrate that Greenstick is not in use. 

Tackle Specifications
International Game Fish Association Rules and additional rules specified herein.
Maximum line class is “as stated, not tested breaking point” maximum line class is130lbs. Leaders may exceed the 130 lb limit but cannot be more than 40 feet in length from line to hook including double line, wind-on, etc. Spreader Bars are permitted, but may only have one hook per bar. Double Hook Rigs are not permitted with live or dead baits in this Tournament, but may be used with lures. . A single J, Circle or Offset Hook must be used on live, dead or artificial baits. Fish must be fought either stand up, from a fighting chair, or rocket launcher with a floating gimbal. Fish may not be fought from Rod Holders.

Fishing Regulations
All fish must meet SIZE and bag limits of state and federal regulations to qualify for this tournament. All Boats must have a 2015 HMS Permit.  The "One Pass Rule" provides the angler the opportunity to have the rod handed to them from the Rod Holder or Rocket Launcher as long as the reel is not advanced during the hand off. Fishing out of a Rod Holder is not permitted. This is a rod and reel, hook and line tournament. The use of hand lines, rope, nets, harpoons, and any other means of fish capture other than rod and reel are strictly prohibited. Outriggers & downriggers are permitted, greensticks are not allowed and must be tied forward to bow of boat.
Fish must be hooked, fought and landed or tagged from the same boat. In the event of a mechanical breakdown, fish cannot be transferred. No mutilated fish will be eligible for competition.There shall be no use of aircraft of any kind, for spotting or baiting fish. This includes recreational Drones; film your boat and spread at another time. There shall be no use of outside assistance for landing or acquiring fish. Protest must be made prior to distribution of awards and prizes. The Tournament Director reserves the right to protest a fish at any time during the length of the Tournament.The ruling on each protest by the Tournament Director is final, there is no appeals process.Tournament Director reserves the right to refuse entry to any boat for any reason prior to the start of the Tournament. Tournament Director reserves the right to require a Polygraph test of any boat captain of a protested fish. All Polygraph questions are at the discretion of the Tournament Director and Examiner and may vary from boat to boat.

Prize Money Distribution
Trophies and Calcutta payouts will take place Sunday October 11th at 6:00pm: Star Island Grill. All Calcutta payments will be by check. Each Calcutta is "Winner Takes All" no 2nd place payout.  Triple Yellow String is per trip the heaviest three yellowfin's combined weight.  Boat's fishing two overnights cannot combine yellowfins from each trip.  Example: trip 1 boat catches 3 50# yellows, same boat trip 2 catches 1 75# yellow = boat has 1 3 yellow entry for Calcutta & trophy of 150#s (3 50# fish, the 75# yellow does not qualify towards 3 yellow stringer). 
Refunds – Entry Fees & Calcutta

100% Refund of Entry Fee and Calcutta Payments are available to boats provide a written refund request (email or text) before Friday September 1, 5:00am.  Once Tournament starts NO REFUNDS of Entry or Calcutta - NO EXCEPTIONS. 


The Fall Tuna Fish-Off is basicly a Dock Tourney for those of that not only love to fish but kind enjoy the bragging rights!  This is definitely a "no frills" tourney and winners will not go home with big checks, but the trophies and shirts will be awesome! Most importantly, keep it fun and keep it safe out there.  This month long fishing window and minimal "All In" at $3,000.00 are prefect for a relaxed Fall overnight in the Canyon.   

 2nd Annual

2016 Fall Tuna Fish-Off