Prizes & Calcutta



$20,000 - 1st Place Largest Tuna

$5,000 - 2nd Place Second Largest Tuna

$5,000 - 1st Place Yellowfin Tuna 
$1,000 - 2nd Place Yellowfin Tuna 
$2,500 - 1st Place Albacore Tuna 
$1,000 - 2nd Place Albacore Tuna 
$2,500 - 1st Place Top Three Yellowfin

$1,000 - 2nd Place Top Three Yellowfin

$1,000 - 1st Place Mahi Mahi 
$1,000 - 1st Place Mako Shark  
$1,000 - 1st Place Wahoo 
$500 - Top Female Angler 
$500 - Top Junior Angler (16 & Under)

Three Yellow Stringer: One stringer per boat, three heaviest yellowfin tuna caught by each boat.

                                           Overnight Boats: 1 stringer per trip.

                                           Day Boats: heaviest three yellows from the combined two-day trips.

Canyon Trifecta: Combined weight from each of the following species: Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna & Albacore Tuna.
                                      Day Boats: heaviest fish of each species from the combined two trip weigh ins. 

Dave O'Halloran Grand Champion Charity 50/50: This Calcutta will be awarded based on the point system in place for determining the Grand Champion Trophy.  Winner receives 50% of Calcutta and charity receives 50%. 

* Tournament Reserves the right to lower "2019 Prizes" amounts if less than 50 boats register.
 "2019 Prize" species unfilled are not returned to participants.  (Calcutta monies are returned)

$5,000 & $1,000
$1000 & $500
$1,000 & $500
$1,000 & $500

*Heaviest Tuna -
Canyon Trifecta
(Yellowfin, Long Fin, Mahi) -
Heaviest Yellowfin -
3 Yellowfin Stringer -
Heaviest Albacore -
Heaviest Bluefin -
Heaviest Mahi Mahi -
Heaviest Mako -
Heaviest Wahoo -
Dave O'Halloran Grand Champion Charity 50/50 -

- 98% of all Calcutta Dollars collected will be paid out or returned
- Captains may review Calcutta spreadsheet detailing which boats are in each Calcutta at any time during the                    Tournament by contacting tournament director.
- Calcutta must be paid in cash prior to weighing of first fish.
- In the event of a category with no fish weighed, boats in that Calcutta will receive a refund.
- Calcutta’s are "70% first, 30% second"
- Top Tuna Calcutta Heaviest Tuna is winner only and 100% payout!!
- Money is only paid to one winner if only one eligible fish in Calcutta.
- In the event of a tie, each fish weighs the same, first fish caught will determine the winner.
- Only one fish from each species qualifies for Calcutta & prizes except three Yellowfin Stringer (one string per boat)

Montauk Canyon Challenge

Presented by Staten Island Yacht Sales