2018 Calcutta's
Heaviest Tuna - $5,000 & $1,000

Canyon Trifecta - $1000 & $500
Heaviest Yellowfin - $1,000 & $500
3 Yellowfin Stringer - $1,000 & $500
Heaviest Albacore - $500

Heaviest Bluefin - $500
Heaviest Mahi - $500
Heaviest Swordfish - $500
Heaviest Mako - $500
Heaviest Wahoo - $500
Most Marlin Points - $500

Dave O'Halloran Grand Champion Charity 50/50 - $200

2013  Grand Champion


98%of all Calcutta Dollars collected will be paid out or returned
Captains may review Calcutta spreadsheet detailing which boats are in each Calcutta at anytime during the Tournament by contacting Tournament Director.
Calcutta must be paid in cash prior to weighing of 1st fish.
In the event of a category with no fish weighed, boats in that Calcutta will receive a refund.
Calcutta’s are "70% first, 30% second"

Top Tuna Calcutta Heaviest Tuna is winner only and 100% payout!!

Money is only paid to one winner if only 1 eligible fish in Calcutta. 

In the event of a tie, each fish weighs the same, first fish caught will determine the winner.

Only 1 Fish from each species qualifies for Calcutta & Prizes except 3 Yellowfin Stringer (1 string per boat)

Three Yellow Stringer:one stringer per boat , 3 heaviest yellowfin tuna caught by each boat.  Over Night Boats,:1 stringer per trip.  Day Boats - heaviest 3 yellows from the combined two day trips.

Canyon Trifecta: Combined weight  from each of the following species: Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna & Albacore Tuna.  Day Boats - heaviest fish of each species from the combined two trip weigh ins. 

Dave O'Halloran Grand Champion Charity 50/50: This calcutta will be awarded based on the point system in place for determining the Grand Champion Trophy.  Winner receives 50% of calcutta and charity recieves 50%.  This year the Coast Guard Foundation will be the recepient in the name of Dave O'Halloran.  Peter Feld of "Blondie" and Fred Ippolito of "Solivia Rose" have generously agreed to work together to match the donation to the Coast Guard Foundation.  

* Tournament Reserves the right to lower "2018 Prizes" amounts if less than 50 boats register.

 "2018 Prize" species unfilled are not returned to participants.  (Calcutta monies are returned)

2018 Prizes 

2014 Grand Champion


2018 Calcutta

$25,000 1st Place Top Tuna
$5,000 1st Place Yellowfin Tuna
$1,000 2nd Place Yellowfin Tuna
$2,500 1st Place Albacore Tuna
$1,000 2nd Place Albacore Tuna
$2,500 1st Place Top Three Yellowfin
$1,000 2nd Place Top Three Yellowfin
$1,000 1st Place Mahi Mahi
$1,000 1st Place Mako Shark
$1,000 1st Place Swordfish
$1,000 1st Place Wahoo
$500 Top Female Angler
$500 Top Junior Angler (14)